Bill is a retired partner of PwC, having been a partner for 18 years. For his last eight years he led the PwC Australia Risk and Quality Group, which was responsible for risk management and quality control, including methodologies and technologies, across all of the firm's business units. He served on PwC's Global and Asian Risk and Quality Leadership Teams. He also spent six years leading the PwC Australian Professional Standards Group responsible for the firm's financial reporting and auditing policies and advice. He was also previously Chair of the Australian Auditing and Assurance Standards Board.

Bill was appointed Chair on 29 April 2016 and has been a member of the FRC since July 2014. His term expires on 28 July 2019.

Bill Edge

Judith is Chair of Bank Australia, the first customer owned bank in Australia. She has previously been a member of the Standards Advisory Council of the IASB and of the Australian Accounting Standards Board. She is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne. Judith's past experience includes Chief Financial Officer of a listed mining company, non-executive director of a listed property company, and Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the Institutional Division of one of Australia's largest banks.

Judith was appointed to the FRC on 29 April 2016 and her term expires on 28 April 2019.

Judith Downes

Stein joined the Department of Finance in February 2010 as the Deputy Secretary of the former Financial Management Group. In October 2015 Stein was appointed Deputy Secretary of Governance and APS Transformation. Prior to this, Stein enjoyed a lengthy period in the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance.

Stein was appointed to the FRC from 24 February 2010 to 23 February 2013; reappointed from 24 February 2013 to 23 February 2016; with an extension from 29 April 2016 to 28 April 2019.

Stein Helgeby

Noelle has nearly 30 years' experience in the financial services industry, with a particular focus on superannuation. Prior to joining Vision Super, Noelle was a partner at two of the 'Big Four' professional services firms. Noelle is also company secretary for the Vision Super companies.

Noelle was appointed to the FRC on 3 June 2009 to 2 June 2012; reappointed from 31 August 2012 to 30 August 2015; with an extension from 29 April 2016 to 28 April 2019.

Noelle Kelleher

Kevin is the Chief Compliance Officer of the ASX and a member of the ASX Corporate Governance Council. He was the principal author of the 3rd edition of the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations and also of Guidance Note 8 on continuous disclosure.

Prior to joining ASX, Kevin was a lawyer for 30 years, specialising in financial services, mergers and acquisitions and corporate matters. He held a number of senior positions with law firms and as in-house counsel.

Kevin is also an Adjunct Professor with Sydney University Law School.

Kevin was appointed to the FRC on 14 March 2011 to 13 March 2014, reappointed from 14 March 2014 to 3 April 2017, with an extention from 4 April 2017 to 3 April 2020.

Kevin Lewis

Graeme is a chartered accountant and professional director, being Deputy Chair of National Provident Fund Board of Trustees and a Director of Barnardos New Zealand and Retirement Income Group Limited. He also chairs the Audit Committees of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Social Development, and the Human Rights Commission, and is an independent member of the audit committee of Porirua City Council. He is also the Honorary Consul General for Norway and was made an Officer of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit in 2009 for services to Norway overseas.

Graeme is a retired Deloitte Audit and Assurance Partner.

Graeme was appointed to the FRC on 3 July 2014 and his term expires on 28 February 2019.

Graeme Mitchell

David, as Under Treasurer, advises the ACT Treasurer on the management of the Territory's budget, covering strategic issues of financial management, economic policy, revenue and tax policy and federal financial relations. David's responsibilities also cover matters of workers compensation, compulsory third party insurance and other insurances, and the shared corporate services provider for the ACT Public Service.

David is also Chair of the Heads of Treasuries Accounting and Reporting Advisory Committee and he has extensive experience in public budgeting and financial reporting and in public policy areas of social welfare and income support, government service delivery, industry, labour market and education.

David was appointed to the FRC on 3 July 2014 to 7 March 2017 and reappointed from 24 March 2017 to 23 March 2020.

David Nicol

Kris has extensive experience in accounting standard setting having previously served on the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) as both a member and as the Deputy Chair and as a member of the Australian Urgent Issues Group.

Kris was previously a partner in KPMG's International Standards Group and Australia's Department of Professional Practice, interpreting complex technical accounting issues for a wide range of public and private entities. She also had a number of international financial reporting leadership roles within the firm.

Kris was appointed to the FRC on 3 November 2014 and her term expires on 2 November 2019.

Kris Peach

Roger is Scientia Professor of Auditing, UNSW Sydney where he has been head of the School of Accounting, Associate Dean Research of the Australian Business School and Academic Director of the Centre of Social Impact.

He has 35 years’ experience in the auditing industry and during the past 20 years has been significantly involved in international committees and advisory panels relating to auditing.

Roger is currently a member of the International Integrated Reporting Committee’s framework review panel. Previously he was a member of the IAASB and AUASB and co-chair of the taskforce producing the assurance standard on Carbon Emission disclosures for the IAASB. Roger is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.

Roger was appointed to the FRC on 1 April 2017 and his term expires on 31 March 2022.

Roger Simnett